Óculos Inteligentes Zoro II

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Óculos inteligentes Zoro II


Basic Specification

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0

Audio codec: SBC, AAC

Driver size: 16.2mm

Wireless range: 10m

Channel: Dual speakers, Stereo


Battery capacity (each temple): 120mAh

Playtime: 6 hours

Charging time: ≤ 2 hours

Charging port: USB-C


Product weight: 45g

Product material: Acetate Fiber, PC+ABS

Product dimension: 5.6 × 6.1 × 1.77 inch

Package weight: 380g

Package dimension: 6.5 × 3.39 × 2.99 inch

Package List

Zoro II Sunglasses*1

Anti Blue lenses*1

Charging cable*1

Cleaning cloth*1

Glasses case*1

User manual*1


+ How to power on/off my Zoro II smart glasses?
+ Can Zoro II smart sunglasses simultaneously be connected to two mobile devices?
+ Can I connect Zoro II smart glasses with other devices with older Bluetooth versions?
+ What should I do if the sound only playing from one side?
+How can I check the battery level of the smart glasses?
+Why does the battery of one temple drain more quickly than another one?
+Does a higher wattage charger reduce the charging time? What are the recommended charger?
+Can I use the new charging cable to replace the one came with?
+How long will it take to charge the glasses fully?
+Can I answer/reject/end a call by the glasses?
+How to adjust the volume on the Zoro II glasses?
+Will others around me hear the voice from the glasses?
+How to get the best fit?


User Guide
Stage Zoro II User Manual
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Superior Open Ear Audio

StageSound Zoro II Bluetooth Smart Sunglasses with Open Audio, let you enjoy low latency video and music with omnidirectional microphone, while allowing you to blend in with the world around you.

Take Hand-free Calls

With built-in microphone and artificial intelligence noise canceling chips, Zoro II sunglasses can accurately reduce background noise and improve your voice in your phone calls or video conferences.

Comfortable Fit

With patented U-shaped hinge and lightweight frame design, adjust up to 35 degrees on each side to match a wide variety of facial shapes. Zoro II sports sunglasses ensure a light experience in your daily activities such as cycling, driving, running, reading or walking.

Auto-connect&Long Enjoyment Time 

Embeded in Hall Switch, just unfold the temples, Zoro II bluetooth glasses will power on automatically and connect to the most recent paired device. The battery remaining and pairing status will be prompted at the same time.

Smart Touch&Voice Control 

Hidden intuitive touch sensors in both temples, Zoro II smart audio glasses can manage music tracks, media, and calls by easy touch or swipe. Double tap to activate your phone's virtual assistant and access to GPS navigation, instead of speaking to the cellphone with a loud voice in public.

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