Everything You Should Know About Bluetooth5.3

To understand Bluetooth 5.3, we first need to know what Bluetooth is.

In the simplest terms, Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows the exchanged of data between different devices. Chances are good that you are familiar with how Bluetooth technology works - you probably have used it to pair your phone with Bluetooth headphones or connect your favorite music program with a speaker. While Bluetooth uses wavelengths to transmit information, it generally only works within a short distance for devices to stay connected. Most Bluetooth devices have a maximum connectivity range of about 30 feet, but that distance is reduced when obstacles (such as a wall) are present.

 what’s new in Bluetooth 5.3?

Released in July 2021,Bluetooth 5.3 was officially welcomed in May 2022, making great improvements in terms of transmission efficiency, security and stability:

  • Periodic Advertising Enhancement
  • Encryption Key Size Control Enhancements
  • Connection Subrating
  • Channel Classification Enhancement
  • Removal of the Alternate MAC and PHY(AMP) Extension

In general, the new features of Bluetooth 5.3: lower latency, better anti-interference, and lower power consumption. The low latency and strong anti-interference are most directly reflected in the gaming experience. For users who prefer to play games with truly wireless headphones, the new Bluetooth 5.3 better reduces sound transmission latency. It also allows users to reduce the number of disconnected headphones in complex environments, giving them a better gaming experience.

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5.0→5.3,what’s going on?

Although there have been many different updates to Bluetooth over time, most of them have been fairly mundane changes that have come with the maturing of the technology - faster speeds, better processing, more data, etc.

Bluetooth 5.0: In mid-2016 came the great revolution, a new step forward that doubled the transfer rate, quadrupled the range, continued with low consumption designed for the IoT, and allowed a greater amount of data in each transferred message.

Bluetooth 5.1: The new version that arrived in 2019 revolved around location, allowing devices to know the location of other devices to which they are connected within centimeters. It will also be able to identify the direction from which a signal it is searching for is coming.

Bluetooth 5.1: This is a standard released in the early 2020s that improves sound quality and energy efficiency in all devices that connect for audio functions. It uses a new codec, the Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3), which can more efficiently compress and decompress the data being transmitted, and allows audio to be transferred to multiple devices at the same time.

Bluetooth 5.3 Innovations and changes have been explained above, and will not be repeated here.


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Bluetooth 5.0 brought the most revolutionary technological changes to date, and the latest improvements in 5.3 are set to take us to higher levels of audio and the rules that will change the way we communicate, entertain and interconnect.

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